Multi Task and Over Whelm

I’ve been in a quiet mood lately. I’m reading all over my bloglines, but leaving nary a comment. I’m quiet here, too.  Which you’ve noticed if you read me.

But don’t catch me live! The complaining and moaning is full force.

The Kid had a lovely birthday (5!) Tuesday, just the three of us, and a party with (old) friends from preschool is planned for Sunday. Activities and food to be determined (and today’s already Friday! Oh, my time management skills are lacking – just ask my work supervisor if you can’t take my word for it.


I’m coming back to this later – oof! What a weekend! The Kid is sick, the kind of sick that keeps us up all night, doing laundry. Poor Kid. So, the party is rescheduled for next week. (Sick. Missed a friend’s party today. His party put off. Woe. Woe. Woe.) And let me tell you, organizing a kid’s social activities is not easy. I feel oddly awkward calling all these parents, especially the ones I know less well. Of course, once I’m on the phone leaving a message or talking to a real live person – all is well. But I feel like such a dork and it takes me forever to make a few calls because I put it off.

And my grandmother has been moved, possibly only temporarily, but most likely permanently, out of assisted living into the skilled nursing facility. I planned to visit today and orient her to her phone and the walls and the hall (she imagines her bed sticking out into the hall) and measure how much space she has for a dresser and chair and table and measure what she has in her old room to find out what will fit.  Not doing that today.  Must be nurse Mom, instead of loving granddaughter.


Today is now Sunday (the day of the undone birthday party) and we slept last night and no unexpected laundry, so I went to Mema’s.  Listened to the radio on the way over to Marin, into the rain, and the music made me cry (Danzando Solas – that song about the disappeared in Chile under Pinochet – how could I not weep?) and then I got to Mema’s (after a detour to Sausalito and chapati and dahl and stocking stuffers and birthday crowns) and that didn’t help either.  Even a very slow, anticipated death is hard.  And mostly because it’s so slow.

I say multi-task because I’m trying to finish off a blog post while the Kid tries to get me to draw pictures on his thank you cards and decides he’s hungry again (yay!) and…  And this is a completely disjointed post.

In other news!  I’m ready to sew down the hem on the green sweater!  Again!  Here’s hoping the second time works.  Our nights are cold and clear without insulating clouds, so the mornings are cold enough for my winter jacket.  It always takes me a few weeks to remember I own one and dig it out of the closet.  Very nice for a cold morning and sometimes needed for the late afternoon school pick-up/off work drive home.  In other words, I’d like to wear my sweater now.

When I drive around, I ponder and wonder and then I get near the computer and have no idea what I was thinking about earlier and even that I was thinking.  I’m not sure you want to read about the impossibility of saying who I am, anyway.  I think that’s what I was thinking about?

I checked out a new yarn store on Piedmont Ave, Oakland Friday.  Piedmont Yarn and Apparel maybe? in the block east of Blockbuster on Piedmont Ave.  Nice little store, very nice and helpful owner.  Her selection includes yarn from local sources (Full Belly Farm for example) which I don’t see around.  There was some angora goat/wool yarn that was very heavy in the hand.  And no, it did not smell of pungent buck when the does are in heat.  I would have gotten a skein or two, but I have a lot of handspun from Mom and our farm and I didn’t know what to do with it.  Instead, I came home (encouragement buy, you know) with some very elegant and refined silk/wool from Louisa Harding.  I really wanted the goat, though.  And the alpaca.  And alpaca roving!  I swear, it floated from my hands and one was a beautiful silver.  But I need to teach myself to use my spindle first.

Ack!  9:00!  And the Kid needs a bath still!  Didn’t I say something about my time management skills somewhere up there in that jumbled mess?

I must go.  I make no promises about future posts or frequency, because that’s just begging for too much excitement and I don’t want any.



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3 responses to “Multi Task and Over Whelm

  1. Overwhelm. Hahahahahahhahahhahahahah. I know about that. Even without the extra laundry.

    Glad you survived the weekend.

    In knitting news, I don’t like our new Louisa Harding yarn. Perhaps a hard follow up size from the big bulky wool I’ve been working with (15US vs 7US)?

  2. Oh, boy. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Sick kids are no fun, and having a grandmother who has been moved to skilled nursing is very tough. (My husband’s grandmother — with whom I am very close — is at Aegis up in Corte Madeira; is that near where you are?) I also know exactly what you mean about making those phone calls. I have enough trouble managing my own social life and the confusions and cancellations therein — it’s even harder with the girls’ stuff, since I don’t always know their friends’ parents very well. I’m sure everyone understood, though — we’ve all had unexpectedly sick kids. Hang in there — I’m sending good thoughts 🙂

  3. Jane

    Gwen, I’m really sorry to hear about Mema and will be keeping you and her in my thoughts. And I’ll try to give Kathryn a call tomorrow as well . . . we rarely see each other these days, which makes me wistful. And please tell The Kid I’m glad he’s getting better, and Happy Birthday too!

    Hugs from the South!

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