Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I know, I know.  How cold can it be in Oakland, California?  Cold enough for frost in the morning.  And we feel it in our lovely old uninsulated house.  My husband is stingy about the heat, which isn’t to say I’m not stingy with it myself.  But he beats me to it, so he can take the blame for the refreshing tempature of the house.

So!  I started some mitts, probably for me!  Louisa Harding yarn, Grace. Silk & Wool in a lovely olive green.  (Use your imagination here.  I’m too cold to get the camera out and it’s dark anyway and I’m very busy the next two mornings, so who knows if I’ll ever get another photo taken).  Remember the mitts I made for a gift earlier?  And have you seen the Maine Morning Mitts?  Well, that’s the idea.  Sort of.  Only I’m not doing any cables and I’m doing K3P1 ribbing instead of K2P1.  In wool and silk.

Actually, I’d like to do cables, but I thought of it after I was well started, and I don’t feel like ripping back and rethinking numbers, even if only a very little bit.  So, one plain mitt!  Maybe the mate will have something interesting.  I ran across a cable eyelet rib in one of the Barbara Walker books that would be very nice.

In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of use out of my birthday shawl.  I love to use it as a short scarf, with lots of body around the neck where I need it most.  I wore a different, long, wide scarf today, and it fought with my coat a little too much.

And I’m thinking about the next sweater to make.  I love having my very own handknit sweater!  I need more!  I have some lovely white silk/wool, and some purple-ish Cascade 220.  Do I want to do something on the dainty side this time?  Or something sturdy and cozy?  (I think it goes without saying which yarn goes with which sweater.)  I really like the bootlace cable (out of one of the Barbara Walker books), and it might be very nice running down the tops/outsides of the sleeves.  Or maybe not.  Should I knit up a pattern (more or less, of course)?  Do my own?  Or should I finish my brother’s mittens and make myself some socks?  Cause my feet are cold, too.  And I know his hands are cold in Colorado!


On the drive home from school this evening, the Kid talked about pompom trees.  Or maybe they were palmpalm trees.  I grinned to myself – pompom trees!  How silly!  Then promptly remembered all the pompom trees I’ve seen – the bottlebrush bushes/trees all over the SF Bay Area, mimosa trees giving kudzu a run for its money in Alabama…  But I still like my original mental image of a tall trunk with a big ole pompom on top, kind of like a palm tree, come to think of it.  Well, it was funny to me at the time!  I’m still not sure what he was talking about.  He’s since moved on to telling me about the heart, and how it’s as big as his fist, and showing me where it is in his chest. 


One of those odd coincidences:  I was at the bookstore (Laurel Bookstore of course) and talking to the lady at the register about the books I was buying.  I picked up something cooking/food related for my brother, and I mentioned that he’s a chef at a ski town in Colorado. 

“Oh really?  My ex-brother-in-law is a chef at Vail…” 

And it turns out he’s a sushi chef, adopted from Korea, working at a ski resort town.  As is my brother.  No, they’re not the same person, but dang!  That’s close!  I think it would be less spooky if they were the same person (other than not knowing about a failed marriage of my brother’s).

I think I’d like to knit now.  Maybe I’ll be back soon with some photos.  Or maybe not…



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2 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Kmom

    I vote for finishing the mittens for your brother. They’re SO close!

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