Airport Calls and Photos!

Tis the season…

But I’m pretty lucky – most of my family visiting ends up renting a car, so we don’t have to do an airport run. I’m up late, waiting to leave. My cousin is very lucky he made it out of Boston this morning. His afternoon flight was cancelled, but he got on the 6:30 am flight that was delayed until 2:30 pm or so. Even luckier – his luggage got on the same flight!

I’m messing around with photos. First step – off the camera and onto the computer. Let’s see what I can get done before I don my gay apparel and head out through the unsnowy wilds of Oakland.

First, and it’s about time, a photo of the green sweater drying. Not the most flattering photo, but, see? It’s finished! And this is a laundry pose, not a blocking pose.
green sweater laundry

It’s been chilly around here, but our plants don’t conform to the strictures of four separate seasons. For example, a series of a rose blooming this week
december rose morning

december rose and grape vine

december rose open

And a rhododendron.
december rhodo

And I did some fixing of tasty stuff. It looks so cozy in the yellow kitchen light, in the night kitchen. (I suppose I could have messed with the colour, but I’m lazy). Granola and date sweetmeats (stuffed with almond paste and candied orange peel, or walnuts), maybe for gifts, but mostly for us to nibble on.
granola and date sweetmeats

I’m off to the airport!


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  1. Those are my favorite kinds of roses; we had some in the back yard when we lived in Berkeley, and they always bloomed at the oddest times. Those snacks look yummy…

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