And how was your holiday?

Well, the Kid is sick again.  Sore throat and coughing, this time, for anybody keeping track.  He was sick enough Christmas Eve he went to bed early and made me write the letter to Santa and put out the stockings.

And Dad got up Christmas Day with something…

But otherwise – all great!

This year, I decided to make a gingerbread house.  A very simple house with no candy decorations, because I don’t have anything in the house I’m willing to sacrifice and I’m not buying nasty candy just for this.  So, simple.  Somehow the house evolved into an outhouse.  Which led to mild hilarity thinking about decorating Inside the outhouse.

Then I realized I have less than 1/2 box of powdered sugar – not enough to make construction frosting.  Mom had the possibly brilliant idea of making penuche – it’s delicious and will taste good with the cookie walls and it should glue everything together nicely.

Two pounds of brown sugar, a lot of butter, half-and-half and cream instead of evaporated milk, and about half a bottle of vanilla (when the Kid helped) – the longer Mom beat the penuche, the more crystallized it got. 

So we decided to cook it again.  And beat it again.  And those crystals just got bigger.  We had big sugar crystals suspended in butter – tastes delicious!  But does not glue.  The stuff slid right off the gingerbread.  For a brief time, we had an outhouse falling down.  Then we gave up.  About 11:30 pm, we sat in the living room in fits of extreme hilarity – I was even cursed by my mother! 

And then we realized we made about two pounds of rum butter.  Which was good, because Dad kept wanting us to buy some, but nobody had any and I wasn’t willing to stop in the corner liquor stores.

We’re the quiet side of the family.

(I’m back at work today, Wednesday.  Whine.)


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  1. I worked Monday and today and will be working on New Year’s Eve as well. . . (my whine).

    I think the gingerbread outhouse and the rum butter will be stories to tell and laugh about for years to come.

    I hope all the sick ones at your house get better soon.

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