Holiday Afterglow

Today we’re playing with our new toys. The Kid has a friend over while his mom runs errands for a dinner party tonight. And we’ll go to their house later to play with their new toys.

We’re well spoiled. Putrid and maggoty and stinky spoiled. It’s great!

The friend distracts us from being sad today. My mom and dad left in the wee hours this morning after a lovely, not nearly long enough visit. The Kid fell asleep on his abuela’s lap last night. A nice end.

Too bad we’ve all been sick. This time I brought the cold home and it has worked it’s way through all of us.

Today I finished the last cherry chocolate cupcake (from Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess cookbook) and I’m washing all the sheets and blankets in the house. Germs, Begone!


Well, that was last night.  I got distracted.  Printing photos.  Taking a shower.  More laundry.  The cousins in Richmond came over and then I was busy feeding big people and then kids until we abandoned them here, and went to dinner.  And work today.  Many days I have sporadic phone calls (and I make more than I get).  Today was one of the, luckily infrequent, days the phone rings constantly.  For about an hour this morning at the office, the cell phone rang, the desk phone rang, the other line on the desk phone rang, the cell phone rang again.  And most of the calls needed more than a minute or two of attention.  And then I finally got out of the office for some visits.  I usually don’t feel as rushed when I’m in the field, unless that cell phone keeps ringing or I absolutely need to make more visits than I have time for.

And as I got out of the car early evening, a low cloud bank in the western sky was aflame.  I had to stop a passing stranger to point it out.  And I made the folks in Laurel Book Store go out to look too.

May we have joy, peace, health, and prosperity this year.  Happy New Year!


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