Weather Changes

The holidays week was mostly clear and chill.  Today I walked out of the house into the feeling of storm’s coming.  View up into the bottoms of interesting clouds.  Gusts of wind.  Warmer.  Wet air.

Now it’s raining.  Steady, not heavy, but not just a muzzly drizzle.  We expect some flooding, some leaking, maybe some power outs.  Our winter rain storms are not dramatic in feel, but often enough the consequences are, indeed, dramatic.

It will be a weekend for in-the-house.  Too bad I need to do a real grocery expedition.  Maybe I can sneak in some more reading…  Maybe even some knitting…  But definitely some major sorting and cleaning and furniture-moving.  So many new things came into the house – now it’s time to remove what we can of the old, unused, and broken things.

And I promised to play with the Kid after work today.


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