Recipe Book, with digressions

I didn’t enter Mason-Dixon’s show and tell – partly because I missed the deadline and partly because I don’t have a box.
recipe book

I think Mom has a box, a plain metal box for index cards, and it might have recipes in it. I grew up using recipes out of her little red recipe book and copied many of them into my book. My emphasis is baked goods, especially sweets. I started young, and I copied out of my own cookbooks.  Good thing, because I can’t find that cookbook.  I wonder what I did with it?

wacky cake

I’m the fourth generation to use the pie crust recipe, and the fat has evolved over the years. I’ve heard of lard being used, I know we used crisco, and I use butter now.
pie shell

And there’s corn bread, biscuits, plattar, crumb cake, and tea scones (which my Mexican husband loves so much he learned to bake them and made notes on the recipe)…
tea scones

I mention he’s Mexican, not because he’s too macho to cook, but because he has no idea how to bake. He’s very capable in the kitchen, but not with the oven. Friday I came home to chicken soup – perfect after a long, wet workday. He makes it much better than I do. And with rice, and avocado and lime juice on top… Yum!

I’m cooking today. Cornish pasties and cheese danishes (and those plurals look awkward together). And pasties are good food after cold, damp, aggravating work. Yesterday, my husband was in the attic, chasing leaks.
J at work2

And today, he was on the roof, making a lot of noise.
J at work
The sun was out briefly in the morning. We’re waiting for more rain. I hope all that husband noise did the trick.  The Kid is diligently drawing very long freight trucks.  A good day.



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2 responses to “Recipe Book, with digressions

  1. Mmm…chicken soup on a cold day. I know what I’m making for dinner now 🙂 I love the recipes with all of the notes in them! Years ago I started making notes in my cookbooks — while I normally refuse to write in books or even to dog-ear them, I figured that I love seeing how other people have changed recipes and what they did and didn’t like, so maybe my girls would like that, too, someday. I hope you’ve survived your rain!

  2. I made vegetable soup and cornbread to celebrate the rain and found in my book some recipes written in my mother’s handwriting. Some of my happiest memories are of being in the kitchen with Mom and aunts and grandmothers at family reunions, everyone cooking.

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