Beautiful Sunday

Today’s the last day of the Kid’s three week winter break. Nothing exciting planned, but it was a Nice Day. I cleaned up a bit in the morning, and left the front room about half done. Time to visit my grandmother today. The Kid wasn’t going with me, but at the last minute (as I got into the car) decided to go instead of hanging out with Papá. So my ‘quick’ drive to Marin to see Mema (and eat lunch somewhere) (only 1 1/2 hour round trip) became a day. We carried a pocket kite and a helicopter with us.

Down to Sausalito we went for rice and chapati and chicken curry and chai, oh lovely chai. After much discussion (how about that park in front of the library? No? Let’s drive up Mt Tam – good places there! No?), the Kid consented to la playa fría (Rodeo Beach at Fort Kronkhite in the Marin Headlands). And such a good choice! Beautiful sunny day, with a breeze, not a gale. Humongous waves and nobody trying to surf by the cliffs (nobody quite crazy enough today). Must be those winter storms that keep moving through. As we drove in, I could see hills of water moving across the horizon.

We almost got caught by water coming over into the lagoon on our way out across the beach. Don’t worry Mom! Not a lot of water – just enough to get our pants really wet. The pocket kite was a success. Easy for the Kid to fly himself. We built an organically rounded sand castle with towers and a moat and a river feeding the moat. We stomped it thoroughly. We walked back across the beach towards the lagoon not-quite-inlet and played there a while. I watched the ocean and the Kid stomped around with a stick (tide was heading out). We zoomed the helicopter behind the parking lot. We walked up the hill (above the lot) and watched the waves and the teeny people and a crazy kayaker playing in the waves. Until a wave crashed on him and he lost his paddle. Got it back though – came back up to the beach. Crazy and lucky.

Then we drove up to Mema’s and determined she’s not getting mail anymore (good – should be forwarded) and woke her up and gave her a rock from the beach. “Mema, we brought you a rock from Kronkhite.” As she holds it, “yes, it is a rock.” She has a cold. “We’ll leave you to your rest.” “That’s a good idea.” And she never comes that close to chasing any of us off!

Home again, fortified for our return to regular schedules.

(I have six inches of beret knit, almost ready for decreasing. Too bad my row gauge is about half the pattern’s row gauge. I’ll have to think.)



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2 responses to “Beautiful Sunday

  1. Oh, that sounds like a lovely day! Rodeo beach is my very favorite beach in all the world — it’s one of the things I miss most about not living up there anymore (and I’m always so happy when I have to go to a conference at the Headlands Institute!). I’m glad you two had such a fun time out 🙂

  2. What a lovely day. A day at the beach stomping in sand and waves. Hmmm. Sounds great.

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