Stalled Knitting, but reading strong

Woops!  Nothing knit since Monday.  I need to decide how to do the decreases on the beret…

Tuesday evening wasted in reading instead of cooking or playing or knitting or cleaning.  Not a problem, but I stayed up to late to finish a book – Sex as a Second Language which is pretty good.  Maybe chick lit (gah!  hate that phrase!).  Well-written and decent characters (meaning they don’t find their meaning in life shopping for shoes gah).  I found it on my Book a Day calendar.  I also read a Mercedes Lackey book recently, which wasn’t too bad.  Faint praise, I admit!  Also, Cotillion by Georgette Heyer – probably my favorite Heyer couple, so wonderfully imperfect and nice people too.  Sweet and funny!

I picked up a Martha Stewart Living magazine the other day, because that just happens sometimes and I can’t always help it.  Flip through, try to decide which are articles, which are ads… 

Found an article/recipe for cassoulet.  Intro all about how it’s such a traditional, wonderful food, and so many people argue about the Right way to make it, but most of them buy it ready-made anyway, but we can make it for ourselves!  With only a little time and effort! (then turn the page and read that it takes about 18 hours, much of it unattended, but still, 18 hours)  Which is enough, in itself. 

On the facing page is an ad for frozen, crustless, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Are they aimed at the same market?



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2 responses to “Stalled Knitting, but reading strong

  1. I passed those frozen crustless sandwiches at the super market today. I stopped and just stared, trying to understand. Was it meant as dessert? Was it a sandwich style pop tart? No. You are meant simply to let it defrost and voila, lunch. Wouldn’t it be kinda soggy?

    Not quite for the 18 hr Cassoulet crowd.

  2. Yeurgh. Martha Stewart makes me crazy. I think she lives to make real women crazy — no-one could do what she does without the staff that she has. Love cassoulet, don’t have 18 hours. Alas.

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