Bits and Pieces

Decreases in moss/seed/checkerboard are tedious. Simple, but requires attention = a little boring, but full of opportunities (for a screw-up). I’d like to be done yesterday. Hope it looks good! Because I don’t want to rip back the decreases and do them over. Dang! I should have marked the last plain row!

Snow Stories: Mom called from Alabama this morning – Snow Falling! The Kid asked if the snowplows were out. Hee! She was at work and of course everybody was excited. She called me again in the afternoon with a snow update – all gone. She talked to my brother in Colorado during the day. They had over 60 inches in one week. (No, we don’t have any snow in Oakland.)

Driving to pick up the Kid from after school care this week, I noticed two twin buildings that look remarkably like two buildings in downtown Birmingham AL.

I think I need to carry my camera around with me more.

I walked behind a woman the other morning who was wearing a black jacket, black pants, black and white striped mittens. To round out the look, she carried a See’s Candy bag (white with a black and white checkerboard border).

I’d really like to have my camera handy more often.

I think I’m not in a good mood today, even though the day was gorgeous and I got some work done in the very large front garden. I keep getting into small power struggles with the Kid. Over the same stuff as every day, but it’s not always a power struggle.  (He had a hard day all on his own.  A nasty splinter in his hand, always traumatic to get out.  Face plant after tripping over a toy.  Grouchy mother.)


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  1. Oh, we’ve had many days like that, and they never feel good! I hope it gets better. Love the visual pictures you’ve painted, even if you didn’t have a camera 🙂

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