Poking Head Out

of the very large pile I’m floundering in. 

I’m alive, I’m on the computer.  I’m on the computer too much, and don’t have time or inclination to be on the computer if I don’t absolutely have to.  Pictures on camera, not on computer.  Rain outside.  Charting and visits and more charting to do.

And my coffee mug this morning left it’s base on the counter when I picked it up for a drink.  Coffee all over the counter and floor!  And not in me.  Bad start?  Funny start? 

Back to burying my head in work.   *wave*



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2 responses to “Poking Head Out

  1. Oy. That’s no fun at all. I’m so sorry! Hang in there — we’ll still be here when you resurface!

  2. Awesome. Funny. I had a day like that this week. After getting to the gas station, without my wallet, I noticed that my right sock had lost its life and was hanging around my ankle. No time to go home and change. Bad or Funny?

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