One Sock

And do I have a photo of it? No! I do not!

Truth to tell, I do not yet have one sock. I’ve had one sock twice, and I plan to have it a third and final time. Tonight.

Some day, I will learn that when I think I’ve knit the foot long enough, I need to knit at least one more inch. Yes, I ripped the toe back twice. And by all I hold dear, if I’m going to reknit it, I’m going to reknit it until it’s right! You see, I don’t want to give these away to my mother, even though I love her. This sock is Mine! And the second one will be too!

By the way, the yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, colour denim. Wool and nylon (maybe 25%). My first time using this yarn. I will be using it a lot more. It’s smooth and strong. Holds up well to ripping.

(I’m going to Stitches West next Sunday! To drool over yarn and books, not to take classes unfortunately -$$$$ woes – the certainty of taxes)


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  1. Good for you (the keeping the sock for yourself, not the ripping back)! I like Lorna’s Laces, too, and I’ve often drooled over the denim colorway. I can’t wait to hear about Stitches West — I SO wanted to come up for it, and really thought about it, but I’ve got a lot of other travelling on my plate in the next few months, so I thought I probably shouldn’t. Pout. So have double the fun for me, OK?

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