Mexico for Easter

Every year, my husband goes to Mexico for two weeks, always including Easter week.  Every year, we pay about the same for the ticket.  Every year, he waffles – will he go?  won’t he go?  will he go? – until he finally buys the ticket.  Every year, by the time he gets around to buying the ticket, it’s at least $100 more than when he first started looking.

Next year, I’m buying the damn ticket for him in January.   Especially if all three of us go.

I admit – this year was complicated by an early Easter.  “But it’s always in April!”  Complicated by not believing things because his wife tells him they’re so, until he’s had independent confirmation.  (probably wise of him)


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  1. Ha! Doncha love husbands? (I mean, I know the answer is “yes”, but you know what I mean!) Are you all three going this year? Maybe the weather will be nice…

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