Mmmm, Stitches!

A friend and I drove down to Stitches West today for the last day of the Market.

Our feet hurt after nearly 6 hours doing the shopping walk. After a while, we would look at each other and say, “Oh, it’s more yarn.”

So much loveliness!

Only a few, out of so much:

I met Cheryl Oberle briefly, when I ordered a kit for the Dakota Shawl (scroll down) in that lovely blue. Oh, the joy of her sweaters and shawls and vests in person! Beautiful, and beautifully made, and lovely to feel and wear. And she seems such a nice person. (Raving Fan here!)

And we bought Bob lapel pins at the Ravelry booth. We met Jess! She made us eat leftover doughnuts! (another Raving Fan moment)

When I have too much money, I am going to buy enough from La Lana Wools for a coupla blankets, and a sweater or two, and some shawls… As it is, I have a mistake skein of 2 ply Forever Random and another skein of something lovely for a friend. And I need to make a monthly La Lana secret cash stash until next year.

And I leered at every shawl in the Skaska booth.

I love the Merging Colors Adagio Shawl. I saw a few samples hanging around.

I peered briefly into the booth for Tactile Fiber Arts. The yarns dressed in natural dyes – beautiful! The booth was crowded; I couldn’t stay; no more money.




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3 responses to “Mmmm, Stitches!

  1. Aaaah. Stitches. Ravelry. Wool. More wool. Cashmere. Need. More. Money.

  2. Kmom

    Admirable self-control in the face of unspeakable temptation.

  3. Wow. Amazing. I don’t know how you didn’t walk away with more. BTW, another huge Oberle fan over here — I can’t believe you actually MET her!!

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