Free Parking

How did I miss this parking lot?  Years I’ve been parking in the Dimond District of Oakland (bank, library, gone German deli, new big Farmer Joe’s, donut shop, new bakery with delicious fruit tarts and pretty good croissants). 

Yesterday, I went around the block inadvertantly and in a different direction and found a free parking lot, with trees!  Who knew?  (other than the folks that obviously already know)

So today I had a nice spot to sit in the sun (and work on the second Cardigan Sock – heel flap hurrah!) while I waited for the bank to open.  Street parking isn’t nearly so peaceful on Fruitvale.

Weather is beautiful.  We’re all infected with a little desire to spring clean.  I cleaned out the obvious junk from the front of the car when I got into work.  I walked in and about 3 or 4 coworkers are wiping down their desks, even underneath the paper piles (I haven’t sunk to that level yet, but I’m thinking wistfully of cleaning up the house a bit).


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  1. Fruitvale is definitely not peaceful! I’m glad you found a nice spot to wait 🙂

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