Sapo Verde to me

Sapo verde to me

Sapo verde toooo meeee

Sapo verde to me!


One of these days, I’ll get the pictures off the camera, and one or two into the blog.

Foggy yesterday, cleared out enough for a beautiful sunset.  The kid said it was desert with water.  The trees’ silhouettes black against the sky were better than the best stranded knitting (probably).


Kiwis in the fruit box this week!  And pistachios.  And pears, apples, tangerines, oranges.  We were tricked by the tangerines – they’re orange and blushed.  We thought they were blood oranges again.  The other night, the kid made juice with the last of the blood oranges, and drank it out of a wine glass.  Very happy kid.  We cut open what we thought were blood oranges, and were surprised by just plain old orange.  Delicious juice, in the wine glass again.  (I got a taste.)


I turned the heel of the blue sock last night and today I’ve knit a few rows into the gusset.  I wish the leg was longer.  I like taller socks.  I wish I could knit the foot long enough (every single time!  I must rip back the toe at least two times.  And I’m not always smart enough to figure that out on the first sock.)   I love the pattern – Anne Hanson/Knitspot’s Cardigan Sock.


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  1. Mmm…kiwis… I love the picture of the kid drinking blood orange juice classily from a wine glass! 🙂 I’m definitely planning to try those cardigan socks at some point myself. Part of my all Knitspot, all the time plan!

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