But isn’t everybody the Monday after spring time change?

Ah!  The weather is beautiful!  The kid and I went on a walk Saturday (instead of going to the yarn store or the book store or the bakery or any number of money-needed places) after lunch at Sparky’s. 

After the PG&E guy looked at our meter and circuit breaker box.  The same lights (and the telephones) kept going off. And off again. 

Good news – looks like the wiring into the house from the circuit breaker box is fine. 

Bad news – one of the wires coming into the circuit breaker box is badly corroded. 

Good news – the PG&E guy rewired things so our lights work and we’re not going up in flames.  And we can still use the washing machine. 

Bad news – we can’t use the dryer, and we need an electrician to change the meter base. 

Good news – we’re not totally at the mercy (power-less) of the electrician, and have time to get several estimates.  And we have a clothesline, and the rains stopped. 

Know a good electrician?


Last night, we took my husband to the airport.  Twice.  Luggage limits were not as stated on the website.  Took him 8 minutes to repack.  Good thing we live so close. 



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3 responses to “Tired

  1. Oy. Electrical stuff is a bear. I hope you find someone good, and fast! I had to laugh about your husband, in the most sympathetic way. I hate checking luggage, as I never know what’s allowed, and they always lose my bags anyway. I hope he’s had a safe trip!

  2. Kmom

    I was talking to our family real estate agent about figuring out who is good for electrical, plumbing, heater, etc. work. Once she has it figured out, she keeps them on a list so she can refer clients to them–or anyone else looking for a reliable life-saver. Wish she worked in all our neighborhoods so she could share her list with us. A big plus for her is that the folks on her list will at times refer people to her. Everyone helping each other.

  3. Once again, I am tagging you. Check out my blog to understand what the devil I have done this time…

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