I really finished the blue socks

cardigan socks mar 08

Hanging to dry on the line, after the first wearing.  (don’t tell, but I didn’t wash them before wearing)

Anne Hanson’s Cardigan Socks, in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, colour denim.  They’re not quite this bright blue in real life.  A joy to knit.  Too bad my stress level was so high through the second sock – it’s definitely smaller.  But not enough to reknit, and not obvious once I’m wearing them.

What did I enjoy about this pattern?  The garter stitch edge on the heel – so easy to pick up!  No chasing the rolling edge.  The pattern down into the heel.  The pattern stitch (just another row before I stop.  And another).  Clear charts and directions.  I’d like them longer, but they work well as is for the current back-and-forth March/April weather.



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4 responses to “I really finished the blue socks

  1. Kmom

    Does the pattern going down the heel irritate your heel at all? I agree that it’s a nice touch and must look very cool when worn with heel-less sandals or clogs. Hmmm. An idea to play with.
    Good to “hear” from you again!

  2. laflaka

    I’ve worn them once or twice with heeled shoes, and so far not irritating at all. Of course, I didn’t go hiking in them.


  3. yay! they look really great; thanks for the nice review of my pattern.

  4. They turned out beautifully! (I rather suspected that they would.) This pattern is definitely on my to-knit list. I hope the stress is going down 🙂

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