We found some snow and used knit objects

We took a quick overnight trip with friends Easter weekend to look for snow.  Took some driving, but we found it!  (Give me a break here – we live in Oakland.  No snow.  Heck, I saw more snow in Birmingham, Alabama than I see in Oakland!)

The kiddo wanted mittens for the snow, not the gloves he wears around the house when he’s working as a garbage man.  Good thing we went with friends – she drove and I knit most of the second mitten on the way to Sonora, CA.  Wove in the ends in the hotel room while she heated up hot dogs for lunch.  Phew!  Finished before we saw the snow!

We drove to Leland and sweltered in the snow and wool.  Good times!


If you look closely, you can see a mitten in action. Yes, I made the hat, too. We call it the Russell hat.



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2 responses to “We found some snow and used knit objects

  1. Kmom

    Pretty good matching for a throw-together outfit! Red, red, everywhere. Love the hat and mit. And I see a boot peeking out! Did you get to tromp through knee-deep snow off the slope?

  2. I love it! Excellent deadline knitting 🙂 He looks like he’s having a blast. I’m glad you found some snow before it’s all gone.

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