Pea Greens and Asparagus

We’re sharing a veggie box and a fruit box with another family.  Last Friday, we opened the box to a pile of pea greens.  And plenty of other things.  Like asparagus.

I cooked a potentially great dinner for myself last night.  Got home a bit late – husband and son ate before I left the office.  I baked salmon in teriyaki, made some rice, and sauteed the pea greens.  The rice came out perfectly, of course.  I attribute the rest to low blood sugar and general grouchiness, enlivened by a dash of persistent fire alarms.  The salmon was perfectly overdone.  I could have packed it for camping.  The taste was great though!  Really!  The pea greens were over-oiled (my stellar cooking technique) and tended towards toughness.  Too bad, because they tasted pretty good.

The asparagus I tossed in the oven to roast when the salmon came out.  Thinking ahead:  Good eating for lunch sometime.  When I went back in the kitchen with dirty dishes, my husband was putting the last few asparagus on his plate.  I ate one, at considerable danger to myself.  I won’t complain.  He finished the salmon for his second dinner, so I didn’t have to throw it out.

It’s a good life!


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  1. Ah, the joys of cooking, eh? 🙂 It sounds like it turned out well in the end! Which CFA are you part of? When we lived up there, I got the BOX (Bay area Organic Express), which I loved. Among other things, it certainly made me try fruit and vegetables I wouldn’t have normally gotten.

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