And what do You dust with?

First things first – Don’t worry Margaret! He didn’t do it!

The other evening, the Kid was telling me what his chores are (he’s great at vacuuming the bathroom and I’m sure he’ll be great vacuuming the rest of the house when we can find the floor again). He said he dusts and said, “Mom, I can use this!”

I turned around and about fell out. He was holding the cone of laceweight cashmere at the ready.


And on a random note, I saw a wild turkey scootering worriedly along Seminary Drive by Mills College Monday morning. Earlier I heard in a traffic report something about wild turkeys in the road, but somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains, not Oakland.

Edited so the Kid can add a very silly joke:

jrrhjjJHGJKKTKKjrgkgrekrrjkujirkiterjrgehrgtytutyuryi4ueureyuitu67ujdrjhjgj18hdshdshhjh hhjha dhdhehyg yfyryryuruirireuiueriewiedieuuttkykoytio dyetegetetyeyjfjhhjfhf Goiuiiuuiuiuiiitityp446o56oopoporioytyitioyioyiiyoytk

(See if you can read it out loud without laughing.)



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3 responses to “And what do You dust with?

  1. Not the cashmere! Do you think it’s a nefarious plot to keep you from ever asking him to dust anything ever, lest he use The Good Stuff? Smart kids’ll get you that way, you know 🙂

  2. Kmom

    Too bad you don’t have a tag end of lovely laceweight cashmere. You could knit him a little dust rag–a very special one for only his very special things. Or whatever you think he should be dusting. But the whole cone! What a hoot.

  3. Argh! the cone! the cone!

    That kid has great taste!

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