Trains and a Giant Needle Gauge

The Monday after Easter, we decided we’d had enough snow. So we drove from Sonora to Jamestown and spent a couple hours wandering around Railtown.

We looked at old trains.

We walked around the Roundhouse and looked at old trains.

I took a lot of photos that look like this.
train parts5

I took a lot of completely different photos that look like this.
train parts1

The California poppies are out in full force. They look particularly nice setting off the blacksmith shed.
blacksmith poppies

And we found a very large needle gauge. Please don’t tell me otherwise. I’ll throw a fit. (I’ve had practice lately. The Kid and I throw fits at each other. They hurt when they’re aimed just right.)
needle gauge

And then we drove back to Oakland, in time for me to enjoy a horrible cold (the beginnings of it dampened the fun of this trip a bit). Typical. High stress. Vacation. Get sick. Less vacation enjoyment. And now we’re in our second week of school and work.

I finished the Noro Sock half pi shawl while I was sick and glued to my bed. It will be here soon.



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4 responses to “Trains and a Giant Needle Gauge

  1. It is most definitely a needle gauge. How tempted were you to make off with it? I love hearing about your trip 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better very very soon!!

  2. Kmom

    Yes, DEFINITELY a needle gauge. And a lovely arm hanging next to it. Lovely poppies. Miss them so much.

  3. auseekersfe

    Hi…..not much myself for trains but I when I saw the towns of Sonora and Jamestown mentioned I thought, lucky you! You are in the so. end of the Motherlode. As a native Californian and small-scale placer gold miner for many years I am quite familiar with those areas….anyhow, sorry for drifting. Hope your blog is a great success. (J.R., auseekersfe, WordPress blog, Bedrock Dreams)

  4. What a mysterious arm…

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