Half Pi Shawl

lime shawl to hang
(photo by kid)

Noro Kureyon Sock, colour S95 lime hot, one skein. Knit on US 3 needles. Sort of knit from the Cobweb Shawl pattern by Emma Crew (from MagKnits.com, which seems to be gone) and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. Except knit in garter stitch. And I did the knit-on edging out of my head.

lime shawl2

I knit this without ripping. In the middle of wallowing through my cold, I decided to start the edging. Turned out I had enough. Then I thought there might be enough left for I-cord across the top. Turned out there was. I finished with about a colour and a half left. I haven’t measured, and I’m sure I won’t. Pure luck! And maybe sometimes knitting without a plan works. (I’m about to get smacked down.)

lime shawl on
(photo by kid)

I wear it a lot. This little shawl attracts a lot of attention (the colours of course!). Knitting attention. And it catches people’s eyes. Walking into Ikea last weekend with my sister-in-law, she told me “todo el mundo esta mirando la capa.” And this is the place to brag a little!



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4 responses to “Half Pi Shawl

  1. It most definitely is, and that shawl is worth some major bragging! I love it — love, love, love it. It turned out beautifully 🙂 (Hmmm…maybe I should do a pi shawl instead of an insane cabled sweater?)

  2. Kmom

    Great presentation of la capa!
    And the grapes are leafing out! Blossoms, too?

  3. Most beautimuss!! And perfect for the season!! You deserve all the attention it garners.

  4. It looks great in the sun!

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