Hot Sunday Cold Monday

And I locked the keys in the car at the grocery store this evening.  With my jacket safely inside, on the passenger seat.

Cell phones are only as good as someone answering the other side!  Luckily, it was chilly and windy, so my husband and son stayed outside for just a bit (a very long bit, from my perspective) and finally came in to hear the phone.

I was dressed more warmly than yesterday.  But not warm enough for today.  Oh well, at least the ice cream didn’t melt all over everything.  And it was too cold for me to eat while I waited for someone to answer the *#$%   @#&*! (bilingual of course) phone.


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One response to “Hot Sunday Cold Monday

  1. Bilingual cursing is the best. Being locked outside your car on a cold day is most definitely NOT. I’m glad that ice cream didn’t melt, though — that would have added insult to injury!

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