Orange Snakes

orange snakes swatch 4 08

I started a sweater for the Kid. It’s based on the Snakes and Ladder gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s Knitting Ganseys. But not quite the same. For one, it will be a cardigan. For another, the kid wants a hood.

I knit through the garter welt and the first two pattern repeats. It seemed a bit big. I took it off the needles, and checked it on the kid. Seemed huge, but that was over pajamas, so not a clear indicator. I checked it against a sweatshirt/jacket.
orange sweater RIP
Yup, a little big, but not so much, especially since this will act as a jacket. But I put the buttonholes too close together. And the side garter strips are a little wider than I like. So, three things I could live with on their own, but together I’m willing to rip and start over. Now I get to cast on again.

And I probably need to buy another ball of yarn. It’s Plymouth Galway Worsted. Orange, as you can see. Chosen by the kid because he liked the colour. And he says it’s sooo soft (he’s obviously illusioned by his love for the colour!). Still, I’ll be careful not to make it with a high neckline in front.

And size 4 needles to get whatever gauge I think I got. The swatch will become part of a robot. Eventually.



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4 responses to “Orange Snakes

  1. Kmom

    Zinger color!!! The Kid knows what he likes–and thank goodness he’s stuck with it after the item is made. Wonder what’s going on in his mind/eyes when he picks colors. The swatch is a great start for a robot–excellent idea for swatches.

    I see he helped you with your sketching and notes. Heh!

  2. Kmom

    One more comment… Do you turn the quilt over specially for the pictures? Double zinger: sweater and quilt!

    (I peeked at the robot–excellent!

  3. Ooh, I love it! Road crew orange — you’ll never lose him in a crowd đŸ™‚

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