More kid socks

regia Kaffe Fassett socks
I seem to be working on a pile of stuff for kids at the moment. (If I’m looking at the actual working-on pile)

Classic Sock from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks.  48 stitch sock on size 0/2.0mm needles.  Regia Kaffe Fassett design line, colour 4261, lot 23639, maybe Caribbean.

I don’t like to match the stripes.  I start the second sock whenever I finish the first.  This time, I wanted to see the stripes at the heel flap and gusset on the leg, as they’ve turned out.

I’d like to work on something for me.  A couple weeks ago (already!) I ripped out 4 or 5 inches of Unst sock (Knitting on the Road, Nancy Bush) in lovely chocolate Shepherd Sock (Lorna’s Laces) because it was too tight.

I bought another ball of Noro Kureyon Sock in purples and greens (as far as I can tell) because I was yelled at in Korean.  I thought about a solid colour lace yarn for a more complicated pattern, but then I realized that I can’t manage knitting much in the way of lace these days, weeks, months.  Tired brain.  So I bought the extravagant colours of Noro to make something simple but spectacular.  (I hope.)

I hear Nature’s Palette has a new lace weight line.  I want some (gimme gimme gimme).  I love the Nature’s Palette colours.  I need more lace yarn to dream about knitting.

And I want to make myself some more socks.  Maybe with a simple diamond eyelet pattern.  That fit the first time around, because I don’t feel like thinking so much.

But first!  Finish this sock.  I’m sure I’ve finished the rabbit by the time this posts, but the kid wants a rabbit for himself (made from a swatch square!).  And I need to move the orange sweater along a bit.  And then there’s the robot.  And my brother’s mittens (hahahaha) (I must finish them this year).



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2 responses to “More kid socks

  1. I like the colors of that yarn! I’ll have to see if I can find some for my very own 🙂 I am totally with you on Nature’s Palette — I love their stuff. I wonder if The Loopy Ewe has any of their laceweight?

    And you won’t believe this! Someone in my knitting group had bought two skeins of Noro sock for making a scarf and only needed one and GAVE me the other one! It’s a sign. I need to knit a half pi like yours 🙂 Did you use EZ’s pattern?

  2. Alrighty then! Max saw George’s socks and he wants them too. I need your help, of course. They are super cute!

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