Teacher Appreciation Week

easy mitts again green start
(taken at dusk)

Next This(!) week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I have a teacher and an aide to appreciate in a concrete way, so I’m making them easy mitts in luscious yarn. The classroom is usually frigid in the morning. I think this will be a good gift.

The yarn is 50% silk 50% wool, worsted weight, 2 oz/125 yds, naturally dyed by Tactile Fiber Arts. The colour is greener in less light and more gold in brighter natural light. It held up pretty well to casting on six times in an attempt to get a measly tail (I don’t want to waste any). I want a sweater in this yarn. I want a blanket in this yarn. I want to live in a whole castle knit in this yarn. I want to run off to Gretna Green with this yarn. I don’t even care if we never make it to Gretna Green.

easy mitts again green one
(taken an hour or so before dusk)

As of Sunday evening, I finished one mitt and half the second. And I only have another pair to knit (in a soft red, undescribable colour) before Friday. I might manage it.

I have a funny feeling I’m setting myself up for the next few years…



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2 responses to “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Those teachers are going to want to run off to Gretna Green with *you*! I love that color. Love love love it. Must go get some for my ownself. now.

  2. Kmom

    Looks really nice–the photos pick up the color variation nicely. The mitt pattern is perfect for the yarn, too. Simple, simple to show off the yarn better. Too bad the internet doesn’t have a touch dimension, too. It’s the softest yarn ever.

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