Hurrah for Abuelas y Tios and Puppies!

At la playa fria, we buried the kid. Or did we find toe seedlings coming through the sand?

taj soccer
We played soccer with Uncle’s puppy. Border collie and cocker spaniel, both parents mixed. Four months old, and a sweetheart. He wanted to play with the rabbit, who wasn’t too worried.

kid and abuela felt projects
Abuela and the kid felted roving on a hot afternoon. Now we get to figure out what to do with it. The kid wanted to felt everything with his feet. Good idea, but we needed more endurance.

They didn’t stay long enough, even though poor Uncle stayed through Sunday morning to get over a nasty poison ivy reaction.  Oh, the blisters!  Oh, the horror!  Oh, the good food he cooked every evening!



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3 responses to “Hurrah for Abuelas y Tios and Puppies!

  1. It sounds wonderful! Alas that it had to end sooner than I’m sure you would have like. Is that my favorite playa fria up there?

  2. Kmom

    And Oh, the good photos! The toe seedlings show up so well, etc. I forgot you took pictures of the felt sculptures. Now you have a model for re-creating if desired.
    (I like Jocelyn’s quilt-y red cross ID icon.)

  3. Kmom

    Well, look at that! I have a quilt-y icon, too. Where’d that come from? Will it be different this time? Let’s see… [hit ‘submit comment’, et voila!]

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