The spindle came out

I went to Color: A Fiber Festival the other weekend and took a beginning spindle class. It was just what I wanted to get me going with the spindle. I like learning out of books, but when I’m just starting something new and a handcraft, it’s much better for me to watch, then try with feedback from the teacher.

We had bits of Finn (white) and Blue-Faced Leicester (natural brown) top to work with in class. Once I got home and finished off the bit of top, I managed Andean plying out of Spinning in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.

BFL Finn yarn drying p Color Fiber Festival
Washed and hanging to dry from the grapevine.

bfl finn swatch
One half knit into a swatch. The skein was short enough to pull across the room and have the kid cut it in half. I spent the drive to la playa fria swatching. I think I’ll make myself mitts with the bits and pieces of handspun. Knit back and forth in garter, with slipped stitch detail, striping the bits and pieces.

wool white oatmeal lemon
From Mom’s wool roving – white with a touch of grey, total two balls like this one. (I’ve got lots more roving just like it.) My husband watched me plying. I think the spinning spindle fascinated him in the hypnotizing sense, because he helped. Carried the spindle across the room for me. The kid was not happy, wanting to be the one to do it. Oh, the jealousies.



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2 responses to “The spindle came out

  1. Cool. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Ooh! Very neat! It’s looking quite nice, and will make perfect mitts (what a good idea). I love those natural fiber colors. Next time we get together, we’ll have to bring our spindles instead of our knitting 🙂

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