Cast On Saturday

I’ve got an orange sweater to make for the Kid. Back before this round of teacher gifts, new baby gifts, small socks, I’d managed a couple of repeats, then ripped.
Saturday morning, I finished the garter hem (183 stitches) and started the pattern set up. Oops! I forgot to consider the nine increases I want to add to combat flare from the cables. So I glanced at my notes, did a quick refiguring of the numbers (again) and cast on again. 187 stitches. As I contentedly started the garter rows again, I thought about those numbers. Garter stitch is great for thinking. Why did I have more stitches than last time? I stopped. I ripped (only 2 rows this time – I learn). I looked at my numbers more carefully. I cast on again. I ripped again. I drew out the plans again, counted much more carefully, considered the 9 stitches, and cast on again. As I counted out twenties, I realized that I seem to think subtracting 11 stitches equals subtracting 9 stitches. A slash of the pen (yet again), and the numbers fixed, and I kept on casting on twenties. Then the Kid got up.

Saturday was hot. I didn’t sleep well Friday night. I made a long list of things to get done over the weekend, then sat around not doing any of them. I obsessed about knitting. Not only did I finish the teacher mitts last week, I finished the carry-around kid socks. I felt like starting something new, not an orange sweater. I wanted Lace! Intricate, gossamer, sheer lace. (That’s what happens after wandering around Miss Alice Faye and Fleegle’s Blog.) I wanted to start a sweater for me! (I’ve done my part to stimulate the local yarn store’s economy – Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed, a sweater’s worth on sale.) I sketched my idea out (longish, yoked with colour detail, waist shaping, scoop neck).

But I was a good orange sweater knitter, despite these myriad temptations and their justifications (It’s hot = lace. I finished a lot = sweater for me.) The Kid dragged me out to the backyard, so I sat in the shade with the orange sweater and knit garter stitch. Until he sprayed me and the knitting with the sprinkler. By accident. So I went inside and wandered through my patterns for a hot weather tank, and decided to get started on Ilga Leja’s Antique Lace.  Since I already swatched.  So out I went again, but I didn’t work on it at all because my husband appeared from his morning wanderings hungry and ready to go somewhere air conditioned for lunch.

By the time I went to bed, I managed to work the garter hem and two repeats of the pattern.  So, right back to where I’d ripped!  Not bad for a lazy, no energy day.

Sunday, I cleaned like a madwoman, but still have stuff all over the living and dining rooms.  At least the floor’s clean, and the stuff is in the process of being sorted and put away.  And I updated in Ravelry.  If I keep updating my stash, I may be less inclined to buy more.  And I still haven’t finished the cotton in the closet.



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3 responses to “Cast On Saturday

  1. The Cotton in the Closet. That’s just got to be the name of a book somewhere, no? You were very good to keep working on the sweater in spite of difficulties and temptations and justifications — above and beyond 🙂 I love your new project — very cool and summery and classy. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Kmom

    Delightful saga. I can see it, feel it, hear it, etc… Full of heat and combat , slashings and obsession, and gossamer threads leading the madwoman on… I wonder what you’ve been reading lately.

  3. What stamina. I can’t wait to see your newest projects…

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