Fire Snakes!

So we’ve been discussing the orange sweater.  I’m knitting it in one piece, back and forth (a cardigan, you see), knitting a garter stitch button band as I go.  I have no idea how I’ll do the sleeves.  I was informed weeks ago that it will have a hood (so I don’t have to worry about the neckline).

The other day, I asked how he’d like the sleeves.  He said, “lots of colours!”  Orange isn’t enough?  Oh my.  As I am an obliging mother, we stopped by the yarn store so he could choose sleeve yarn.  Yellow for the sleeves, and blue-green for the hood.  He insisted.  I’ve been worrying about that green…  (and I only bought that yarn, nothing else.  I seem to feel the need to reassure you.)

This morning on the drive to school, we talked about the sweater again, and I mentioned adding red might be nice.  He thought it was a great idea (phew!).  He’d like orange and red and yellow and a little black, so it’s the colours of fire.  He decided he didn’t need green (phew!).  I think I’ll be adding colour to the snakes soon, so they’ll be two colour cables.  And I’ll probably have to use duplicate stitch so there’s not such an obvious divide between what I’ve done and what I’ll do.  Unless we change our mind again.

I should take a picture, so you can see how much I’ve done.

The garter hem flares.  I needed a bigger stitch differential between the garter hem and the cable patterned body.  I may need to cut off the bottom and knit down.  I’ll see what happens in the blocking.  And I still don’t know how I’ll do the sleeves.

By the way, I’m not thrilled with the start of Antique Lace.  I think I don’t like the yarn (SWTC SoySilk).  It squeaks.  But I’ll try a bit more before I give up and give it away.  Maybe I’ll switch to metal needles.  The swatch is nice after washing.

Yesterday, I started Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy Shawl in SeaSilk.  No yarn problems here!  I’ve been wanting something gossamer, and this isn’t.  But it will be spectacular.  And, because the edging is knit as I go, when I’m out of yarn, I’m done (except for Icord across the top).  I wanted Anne Hanson’s new Star of Evening, which would also be amazing in this yarn, but the edging is knit on after completing the body, and I don’t want to think about yardage requirements.  Besides, I’d have to buy the pattern, and even though I can get an electronic copy, that wasn’t instantaneous enough.  (I’ll buy it soon, though.)  It will be a slow shawl.  I have to peer at the chart carefully each row, even though it’s not a difficult pattern.  And I have so many distractions responsibilities annoyances Oh, you know what I mean!

The best one is reading a book to me now.  It’s about boats, and he’s doing a grand job!



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2 responses to “Fire Snakes!

  1. Ooh! You’ve got all kinds of good stuff OTN right now! I can’t wait to see how the diamond shawl turns out 🙂 As for the star of evening shawl, if you decide to do it sometime (just to be reassuring) it came out a squidge under my 900 yard skein, so you’ve got some flexibility. I can’t wait to see how you decide to do the sleeves (I always go raglan on sweaters like this, just for the ease of continuing to knit the yoke in one piece…)

  2. Janet

    I’m looking forward to pictures of the finished objects. I’m still intimidated by lace.

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