Orange Sweater Photos

Here’s where I am with the lovely orange snakes at the gates of hell cardigan. I haven’t picked it up since stalling out to navigate a lengthy decision making process. At last notice, we seem to have decided we were really talking about two different sweaters. This one will continue as is, no extra colours or flames (and I think I know how I’ll do the sleeves), and be a jacket. I guess it won’t be the gates of hell without flames. Oh well. Maybe snakes climbing the gates. The next kid sweater will be a pullover, black, with flames on the front (I see intarsia in my future. Specifically, intarsia in the round).

orange sweater six inches

orange sweater six open

orange sweater and flame stitch
Just for fun, the flame stitch pattern I came across in one of the Barbara Walker treasuries. Wouldn’t it be awesome in multi flame colours? I don’t think I’m using it here though.



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3 responses to “Orange Sweater Photos

  1. Kmom

    The more I see that orange, the more I like it! And the snakes climbing the gates, too. It’s really looking great.

  2. Good call. this will be a great Snakey sweater.

  3. That’s turning out so well — and it definitely looks like snakes climbing up the sweater there 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you make of intarsia flames (the knitterly equivalent of one of those purple vans with flames all down the sides?)!

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