It’s not just the cables

fits Mom

It fits great! Except it’s not for me, but my five year old. I’m not really interested in a big orange sweater, even with the lovely cables and the good fit. (though it could go nicely with the new glasses I picked out today)

orange ripped again

Nearly two whole skeins. I’m glad I checked the size. It was only about 4 inches too big around for the Kid. Or was it 6? Remind me, Margie. Now skeined and washed, and waiting for me to think about the numbers. Again.


I hit the wrong sale.



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5 responses to “It’s not just the cables

  1. Kmom

    Amazing and frustrating how you can get so far on a sweater before getting a sense of size. Love the curly orange mass of pulled-out yarn, though.

    Fun sign! A bit scary though. Risky, taking on the responsibility of creating your own fortune. Oh! But isn’t that free will? So the sign is offering free will for a low price!? And now it’s a funny sign.

  2. I’m very entertained by that sign!

    But less happy about the frogging — how frustrating! Of course, so much better to know two skeins in, rather than four… (I’m guessing that doesn’t help much right now.) Will we get to see the new glasses? Inquiring minds and all…

  3. 4 or 6? I can’t remember…many inches, such a shame. You are so brave to frog like that. I would have justified the size and moved forward anyway. That’s why I have such a large assortment of misfitting hats.

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