On the other hand

The socks are going great, more or less those River Rapid Socks (pdf), except I switched out the yarnovers for a different increase or two, and I never carry the pattern around with me anyway so there’s no telling where I’ll end up. Or where I’ve been.

I stopped by Piedmont Yarn and Apparel last Friday because I had an opportunity to drop in on their knitting group. Nice set up. Friendly folks. Sweet little shop, which I already knew.  Perfect decompression for a day with every moment filled with intense patient interactions.  (I usually have a more varied day, with some downtime chained whimpering to my computer, so maybe you shouldn’t read that as a complaint. And not all patient interactions are intense.)

And now I’ve started another set of mitts. One of my coworkers is leaving us (very sad we are) for better things, and she gets knitting from me. This time with bits of cabling. I tried to find something in the yarn closet, really I did, but nothing was right. (Probably because I already had other plans for it all, or it was one of several balls I wanted to keep together for a larger project.) So I bought one. Sublime (cashmere merino silk aran seems to be the name), in a nice deep purple. Showing off cables very nicely.


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  1. Isn’t it a bummer when all the yarn in the stash fails to yield what’s needed? It sounds like it gave you a much-needed break somewhere nice and cheerful, though. I can’t wait to see how the mitts look!

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