More Mitts, now with cables!

almost easy mitts purple hand

Man, these are fast! I bought the yarn Friday, cast on same day, and finished knitting them Tuesday. Last ends woven in yesterday, in line at the hospital pharmacy, waiting with a patient. Yes, I washed them. I suppose I could call it wet-blocking, but it’s really washing, followed by blocking. I carry my knitting with me all over, and sometimes it falls to the floor. Shocking, I know.

Wednesday evening, I washed them and wrapped them up in a towel to squeeze out excess water. Naturally, my son insisted on helping (he’s very helpful), and stood on them for a while. We maybe overdid it. Poor squishy yarn, no longer so squishy. Flattened cables. Laying them out to dry, we poofed up the cables again. I’ll see how they look once they’re dry. I can always reblock, maybe just steam this time (now the cooties have been washed off), or wetblock but with gentle removal of not so much excess water.

almost easy mitts purple

Nope, they’re fine. Colour is not at all true in these photos. Sigh.

Kid sweater update: I’ve been told I need to knit the flame sweater now. He still wants the orange snake sweater, or maybe a vest (here we go again…), but first the flames. I have to buy yarn. I’ve got fingering wt dyed by Lisa Souza in the perfect colours for flames (EarthBirth). Now I need enough black or dark grey fingering weight to go with it. I wonder how much our mental images of this sweater differ?  (I requested black Baby Ull Dalegarn from Piedmont Yarn and Apparel the other day.)



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3 responses to “More Mitts, now with cables!

  1. Janet

    Where can I find this mitt pattern? I have a friend who wants a pair for Christmas and these would be perfect. I’ve never made a pair but they look easy enough.


  2. Janet

    Well, duh! I could look on Ravelry! I’ll check your projects.

  3. Love the mitts! And they’re always such a fast knit, which is very gratifying 🙂 Maybe he could draw you a picture of what he’s thinking of? Or vice versa, for a check? The yarn you’ve got sounds gorgeous — will you knit it doubled up, or at a fine gauge?

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