Water Socks update

I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see how these lovely little socks go. They are lovely. The stitch pattern works so well with the yarn colours.

water socks river rapids

I made it into the heel flap.  Tried it on again.  It’s too dang small.  Ripped in peace.

Too bad that’s an 8 stitch repeat.  The sock might go too far the other way if I add a whole repeat.  I’m not willing to change needles size because I like the fabric as is, when it’s not stretched over my heel.  I don’t love knitting the pattern, though I have an idea for a more comfortable increase to try (no holes for me on this one).  Beautiful sock, but may not ever be knit.

Mom’s visiting for a while, helping out with the summer kid schedule and seeing her mother.  She quilts.  I have a fabric addiction, thanks to her.  But without actually using the stuff.  We went to Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley and I came home with some half price Noro Kureyon hooray!  And only one piece of fabric for me.  Of course, it’s a 3 yard piece, but it’s only one piece!  Mom got a few more pieces, but smaller.  She’s starting a quilt for the kid.  I’m going to cut out a skirt pattern, and maybe even sew myself a skirt!

But first!  We go to La Playa Fria!  (and eat Indian food and see Mema and go to the bookstore)  After morels for breakfast (I snagged the last little bag at the Farmers Market in Oakland yesterday WaHaHaHa) and hanging clothes to dry and I really should clean the bathroom but I’ll probably put that off until the evening when I’m really tired.

I cast on Tilted Blocks from Knitting New Scarves with my new Noro.  Just the right amount of thinking and decision-making!  Not too much…


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  1. Now that’s the life! Morels and yarn and fabric, oh my. I’m loving those socks — it’s so sad that they don’t fit…

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