And I finished Tilted Blocks

That was quick!  I just finished it in the car this morning, waiting for somebody.  One skein Noro Kureyon, Tilted Blocks scarf from Knitting New Scarves, on #4 needles.  Not a long scarf, but the kid’s claimed it already.  I have another skein of the same yarn, and could make another for me, but I think he’ll share.  Do I really want to knit the exact same little scarf again?  True, it is Noro, so the colours will come out differently.  Hmmm…

Good times at home!  Mom’s here.  My aunt is here for a few days too.  We’re sitting around the table telling stories.  Did you know my great great grandparents (maternal) never married?  Eleven kids together.  (my aunt does genealogy stuff – great fun to hear about!)  And then there’s the story about a college friend who got pulled over for cutting off a cop driving down Hwy 99 lo these 30-odd years ago.  She was driving, her boyfriend was asleep.  No turn signal.  She didn’t even see the cop.  Pulled her over immediately.  She told her boyfriend to stay asleep, and grabbed the turn signal thingy off the dash, where it had been for months.  When the cop got to the car, she showed him the broken piece and whispered, “Sshhhh!  He’s going to kill me!”  (it was her boyfriend’s car) 

Another heat wave.  EBMUD informed us most plants will survive this “short term heat wave” without additional watering.  I’m not so worried about the plants.  I’m much more worried about us.  I think we need additional watering.



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2 responses to “And I finished Tilted Blocks

  1. Those are great stories! Isn’t it amazing to imagine how your great-grandparents got away with that? (Or how different things were to the way we imagine, such that it wasn’t something to be gotten away with at all?)

    I hope the heat wave ends soon; we’re planning to be up there in a few weeks… (knitting meet-up, maybe?)

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