turtle square

Afghan square mailed out last week or so. It’s the turtle from Barbara Walker’s third treasury – Charted Knitting Designs, knit with Cascade 220 heathers. Colour not true at all. But the turtle’s great! I made a cotton washcloth for the kid with this turtle. I like it better in wool. And an afghan square is a great excuse to play around with a fun design!  Framed in log cabin-y garter stitch.  Took me a while to be happy with it, but it was interesting to do.

Been busy.  Family visiting.  We’re doing important non-computer stuff.  And that work thing too.  It’s a good summer so far, and only about a month to go before school starts again for the kid.  Yipes!



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2 responses to “Turtle

  1. I love the turtle! I really should play with some of those motifs from BW’s books, but I never seem to get past the lace sections, lol.

  2. Cool turtle. Ooh. Ideas….

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