Jury Duty Again

Wasn’t it just last month I had jury duty?  I suppose not…  This time, I’m on the jury.  Lucky for me, it’s a short trial and we’re already in deliberations.

I’ve got another tilted blocks scarf (Knitting New Scarves) about halfway done – Noro Kureyon.  Garter stitch is good to keep my hands busy so I don’t throw something across the table whenever that one talks.  I also started a vine lace scarf (stitch pattern from one of Barbara Walker’s treasuries) with Louet Kidlin (mohair, nylon, linen), green of course.  Slow going.  It’s going to be a nice one.

What sweater for the kid?  I’m on a forced reprieve – waiting for yarn to come in so I can swatch.

I’m off to fulfill my obligations as a citizen.  Taxes.  Jury Duty.  Why can’t they be more fun?



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2 responses to “Jury Duty Again

  1. I find that it helps to be an anthropologist during jury duty, and to think of it as all data for analyzing this weird society that I’m visiting 😉 Knitting helps, too.

  2. Janet

    You’re allowed to knit during jury duty? I’m jealous! Whenever I’ve been called for jury duty they would not allow knitting needles of any kind in the courthouse.

    Watching a trial does change your opinion of the human race, doesn’t it?

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