Tilted Blocks I photo, with sour grapes

tilted blocks I full

I love this little scarf. This is the first Tilted Blocks I made out of Knitting New Scarves. Not the last, as we’ve already seen. Just one skein of Noro Kureyon (colour 150) (size 4US needles) makes a perfect size for the kid. This washed up to be easy to wear. He wore it on our expotition to the Legion of Honor and Fort Baker the other week, when grandparents were visiting. (I’ve got a great photo of him for my phone background!  Annoying proud mother.  Or am I an annoying proud knitter?) He wears it well.

tilted blocks I detail
I think of this Noro as foggy, but it doesn’t look so muted under the grapes.

Not ripe yet. My husband keeps tasting them.


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One response to “Tilted Blocks I photo, with sour grapes

  1. I love the way that turned out! And I’m envious of your Legion/Baker’s beach trip — two awesome places to be 🙂

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