Festival by accident?

Last weekend (or two weekends ago, by the time this posts), we went to the Kite Festival at the Berkeley Marina by accident.  I’ve vaguely wanted to go for years.

Saturday, I told my husband we’d go to the San Leandro Marina with our bikes.  After filling up the gas tank (a few cents less!) Sunday, I turned towards San Leandro and he asked me where I was driving.  San Leandro.  But he thought we were going to the Berkeley Marina.  That’s fine.  So I drove to the Berkeley Marina.  On the way, I figured out his brother and the cousins were meeting us there.  Good.

I went in the long way, past the racetrack, and headed back towards University, and realized the frontage road was full of parked cars.  And I saw lots of kites above the Marina.  Woops!  We hit a popular festivity!  But, since we were already there, and it’s a good thing, we decided to park and head in.  By the time I turned around, there was no parking left on the frontage road.  Then we got stuck in traffic heading into the Marina.  But finally we turned around back to the racetrack and parked there. (no parking ticket!  Hooray!)

The parking chronicles.

Kite festival was nice.  Love the multiple kits flying in sync.  Walking my bike and the kid’s bike at the same time was not so nice.  And I had No Knitting with me.  I’ll never leave the house without it again.

Mom, we had your old wonderful kite with us.  We think it was the coolest one there.  It gets a lot of use with the boys these days.



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2 responses to “Festival by accident?

  1. It’s sounds like a serendipitous day, parking woes notwithstanding (and aren’t there always parking woes in Berkeley?). I wonder if we passed you in all that traffic?

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