Another green project

vine lace scarf start

I want to knit a big light lace shawl. But I have no brain or quiet for it these days. e.g. I pulled out my SeaSilk Diamond Fantasy Triangle to work on, but the working copy of the pattern has wandered off, and I don’t feel like figuring which row I’m on. (I’m barely into the real chart. It won’t be hard to figure.) (But I still wasn’t up for it.)

Instead, I started a little vine lace scarf while my mom was here. Simple pattern, nice result. Louet Kidlin (1 ply mohair and nylon, 1 ply linen). I think the linen will give structure and highlight the pattern, while the mohair is light, airy, and, well, hairy. Something very geometric would be nice, but this is what I decided to do. I had fun shoving Barbara Walker treasuries in front of Mom while I was looking around.

vine lace scarf pattern

I think it’s doing what I want. It will take a while. Especially with the garter stitch Tilted Blocks II and the garter stitch Tomten. And another project or two…

A little funny: I was muttering to a friend about somebody being “as happy as a clam” and I grumbled, “how do we tell if a ham is clappy?”

By the way, this is what I want to knit lace with. Now. Truly foggy colours.
graceful lace
I think I’ll do the shawl on the cover of the English translation of Three-Cornered and Long Shawls by Sigridur Halldorsdottir (scroll down). Knit one edge, put on waste yarn, knit the other edge and the center until nearly done with yarn, attach first edge. Check back with me in a few years to see if that’s still my plan.


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  1. Mmmm…that green is yummy. I love the stitch you’re using with it, too — I can’t wait to see how that one turns out. And the lovely gray laceweight there would be perfect in that triangle shawl 🙂

    Is wondering how we can tell is the ham is clappy sort of like a zen koan?

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