School started this week for the kid, so his schedule has changed (mine is about the same).  No homework for 5 days!  Lucky boy.  We’re waiting to find out if he’ll be in the school’s after-school program this year.  (fingers crossed)

The Forest Tomten seems to hurt my wrist, or aggravate an already tired wrist.  I’m not sure which.  And all the projects around the house are small gauge on metal needles (the purple beret, my brother’s mitten, the vine lace scarf).  I’m not up to restarting the kid’s orange snakes sweater, but luckily I have another ball of Louisa Harding Grace in my closet yarn store.  I started another set of easy mitts, with plans to keep these for me.  Melanoma Mitts.  (Why, yes, I have been spending a lot of time in doctors’ offices.  Not related to work.  My grandmother and I have had lots of appointments lately.)

I’m in a grey mood.  I like the colour grey, but it’s not a mood conducive to creative thoughts or productivity.  More a mood to go take another nap with.  Or maybe I’ll slog through a bit of work.  Why not?


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  1. Mmm… that’s not sounding good, either the gray or the doctor’s appointments. I hope things look up soon — and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the boy gets into after-school care, and that your wrist feels better NOW! (P.S. Naps are always better than work.)

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