Snakes Again!

Nearly four months later, I’m restarting the Orange Snakes Sweater!  Yahoo!

(imagine picture of orange cast on and one row here)

I may have been right to wait.  I spent about an hour fiddling with numbers last night.  I think I caught everything that needed counting before I finished casting on.  We’ll see after the garter stitch bottom.  The kid reminds me that he’s skinnier than me.

I started the second sleeve of the forest Tomten.  Should be done in a week or two, depending on what else I work on, like an orange sweater.  Come to think of it, I have a nice pile of projects.  And I want to start a sweater for me.

This has been a difficult month.  Or maybe it’s been two.  Let’s see if I can get back in the habit of talking now.  Knitting has been sporadic, and lately derailed by the most horrendous eczema flare-up of my entire hands.  (Stress always comes out in the end)


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  1. Yeurgh. Stress-related body miseries. No fun at all. I hope the stress is going down! You know it’s bad when the stress is so bad it stops you from doing something like knitting that might make it better…

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