What have I been up to?

Thursday, husband hurt back at work.  Went back to work Friday and Monday.

I was yelled at over the phone at work on Thursday – surprisingly unusual.

Friday, 3 fillings for my son, and a day of school missed (and I missed most of work).

I started a cold Wednesday or Thursday (but the eczema is better!).

Sunday, the car died some more.

Sunday night, I picked up a rental car from the airport.

Monday, I was kicked out of a patient’s house (not so oddly, the same one who yelled at me over the phone) for being disrespectful.

Monday, I had to find soccer cleats and shin guards for the first day of soccer practice and deliver them to school.  I managed it.

Monday, I still had a cold.

Monday, my husband found a large rat swimming in the basement toilet and banged it to death with something.  Then he left it there.  Later, he told me, “I have a story to tell you!  Go look in the toilet.”  After I looked (mistake!), he told me in graphic detail.  Then he fished it out and put it in the garbage.  I’m very happy garbage gets picked up in the morning.

Today, my husband missed work and I took him to the chiropractor.  And the car was towed.  But my cold is getting better!

And that’s pretty much what these last few months have been like.  Always something rather unpleasant going on.  Along with an awful lot of good stuff, but that’s no fun to share!



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2 responses to “What have I been up to?

  1. Janet

    Yikes! You poor thing! Have a nice glass of wine and a long hot bubble bath.

  2. Oh my goodness! Forget the wine — go with single-malt scotch. That’s a whole lot of not-so-good all at once, and the rat thing really grossed me out (and I don’t gross out). Heck, I think I’ll go have a scotch for you! 😉

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