A collection of Tilted Blocks

tilted blocks I model
Tilted Blocks I, knit from 1 skein Noro Kureyon, claimed by my son as his own. But he lets me wear it. I have an awesome photo of him above Fort Baker wearing the scarf on a foggy day (my cell background) and a lovely serious face, so I’m not sharing it here.

tilted blocks II model
Tilted Blocks II, the jury duty scarf. Knit from 2 skeins Noro Kureyon and mostly completed during a day and a half of jury deliberations and finished shortly thereafter. (photo by the kid)

tilted blocks III angora
Tilted Blocks III, the orange rabbit, soothing me after a horrible week and a hard summer. Anny Blatt super angora on size 1US. It will be skinny and not so long, because I only have one skein. I bought the last orange skein Tuesday, cause I was at Article Pract buying buttons for the forest tomten (of course that’s related!). The kid claimed it immediately for his own! The scarf is his, but he’s sharing it with me. I might have to get another skein. From somewhere.

I love this scarf.

(That would be Tilted Blocks from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr.)

[Wednesday was pretty horrible, but not nearly as horrible as it almost was (so clear!). Thursday is much better. The only bad things I can remember are shifted road construction on the way to school in the morning causing unexpected traffic and more unexpected traffic because of an accident (someone’s having a worse day) in the afternoon on the way to school. If that’s the worst of the day, then the day has not been so bad.]


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  1. Things are looking up — and with an orange that warm and fuzzy, how not? 🙂

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