Forest Tomten makings

I get a kick out of the crazy shape of this thing before adding sleeves.
forest tomten before sleeves

Just for fun, the weight before adding sleeves. The body and 1 sleeve were 107 grams. (7 grams left of the first skein, definitely needed to break into the second skein.) Your weight may vary! Depending on yarn, gauge, ladeeda.
forest tomten wt a sleeves

And here it sits now. I seamed the sleeves once. I took the sleeve seams out once. I will redo the sleeve seams. I knit the button bands twice. Love the buttons. Must decide which colour – orange or green or a few of both?
forest tomten buttons spaghetti

Maybe I’ll finish it up this weekend. Maybe not.

In case I’ve forgotten – Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Tomten Jacket. Colinette Jitterbug velvet leaf, a skein and a bit from a second (less than 40 grams from the second). Size US1/2.5mm needles. Buttons from Article Pract.



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2 responses to “Forest Tomten makings

  1. So cute! I love the color — and I’d go for a few of each of the buttons, if you can bear to give up a complete set 🙂

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