The Snakes Are Back!

After a lot of figuring and mathing and counting, I cast on again for the kid’s Orange Snakes sweater.
orange snakes sept notes

You can’t tell from this photo yet, but I’m in the second pattern repeat! And at the first button-hole row! (Now I have to remember which side I want the buttonholes on. And find EZ’s Knitters Almanac, which I took out of the project basket, maybe for bedtime reading? So I should look on the bedside table in a minute. For the one-row buttonhole. It’s in the chapter with the pi shawl for travel knitting.)
orange snakes sept restart

I think I’ll try to learn from my mistakes. When I finish the second repeat, onto waste yarn it goes to check size. (cross fingers here)

Speaking of learning – I love slipping the first stitch as if to purl, yarn in front, on garter stitch. Makes a lovely chain edge, a nice finish without extra work. Works nicely for picking up stitches from too. But not so good if I’ll be seaming that edge. The seams are too bulky – the slipped stitch goes inside the seam, because otherwise it looks pretty crummy, so a whole extra two stitches in the seam. And I figure this out on a baby sweater! Not so bad I’ll be reknitting the sleeves of the Forest Tomten, especially since I’d like to be able to give it the mom next weekend. But something I need to keep in mind. I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere already, but I don’t remember unless it’s relevant just then.

Keep on knitting.  Keep on knitting.



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2 responses to “The Snakes Are Back!

  1. Kmom

    I started probing the finishing expert’s wisdom at our Monday knitting night. No slipping stitches on edges that will be seams (as you already know too well). And you “pick up” one bar on one side, the corresponding bar on the other side (the bar beyond the edge stitch). Bars as opposed to the sides of the stitches. Sorry to burden you with this–am trying to get it set in my brain for the next time I need to seam.

    Next probing will be about rows to stitches.

    Love the artistic quality of your pictures.

  2. Hooray for snakes! You are brave to cast back on for that puppy — I hope the math works out better this time 🙂

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