Sillies, and even a bit of happy

On the way home yesterday,  “Too bad Daddy doesn’t like cats.  I want a cat.  I’d like a dog too.”

We get home.  Daddy is in the backyard, excited about the cat under the patio he’s making friends with.  “It’s such a pretty cat!  Orange with really cool eyes.”  So the boys spend the evening outside, getting to know the half feral cat.  I hear its name is Meow Meow. 

I, of course, spent the evening wiping out another ant migration through the front room.  I had high hopes of knitting another repeat of orange snakes.  But two rows are better than none! 

Knitting Retreat in less than two weeks!  Woo Hoo!  Yahoo!  Hooray!

Meanwhile: Soccer game the first tomorrow morning.  I told the kid I’ll be knitting.  “But then you won’t be watching me!”


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One response to “Sillies, and even a bit of happy

  1. Knitting retreat? Ooh! Do tell!

    You can explain to the kid that knitting during soccer is mandatory (that’s what I tell my kids); the rest of the moms are just breaking the rules.

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