Knitting Retreat!

Don’t let me say I’m happy again. Since the last post I was nailed with another nasty bug. I’ll spare you the details. (If you’re unlucky enough to have talked to me last week, you weren’t spared. Sorry about that.)

But this last weekend was Knitting Retreat! Aaaahhhh…

I packed light. No raincoat. No camera. No shoes. No extra needles.

Yup. It rained. Good thing I had wool socks to wear in my sandals. I could have used some different needles. And no photos!

Imagine a photo of happy knitters.

Imagine a photo of some lovely purple mohair and a skein of green hand-dyed merino laceweight and some lovely soft pastel mohair and silk.

Imagine a photo of a rabbit.

Imagine a photo of Melissa Leapman instructing (and entertaining).

Imagine my pillow project done. I’ll join you.

Things I learned, some of which I might have known already, but always good to remember:

Cables are fun!

I want to knit more cables. All for me. Including a huge wool blanket.

I’m too lazy to make a living as a knitting designer. And I have grave doubts I have the brain for it.

Those are some craaaazy increases at the bottom of her knot cables. And fun!

Raining bugs is worse than raining raindrops.

Cables are fun!

Cable needles are useful and sometimes essential.

Cable needles are not hard to use.

Cables are fun! (I already knew that.)

Ooh! And I learned a fix for that loose far left stitch on the cable cross row that drives me batty. (I wonder how I can work it on a garter background?)

Cables are fun!

Mondays are not so much fun. I forgot Monday is soccer practice, and forgot where to pick up the kid today. Good thing they walk the leftover kids back to school. Gah!



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2 responses to “Knitting Retreat!

  1. Hooray for knitting retreats! Hooray for cables! Not so much hooray for soccer practice, but hooray for cables! I’m glad you had a good retreat, and that you all survived your monday. The week can only get better.

  2. Janet

    At the Harlot’s do this weekend I met a woman who makes really cool cable needle necklaces.

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